About Me

Hi! You’re probably wondering what this page is about and what I’m about. Well, let me be straight with you. Being a wife is hard. Being a mom is hard. Working is hard. Not working is hard. Entertaining your kids is hard. Punishing your kids is hard. Working out is hard. Knowing when to rest is hard. And there is enough negativity in the world making it harder.

I’m Kendall. I’m trying to do all those things listed above. Sometimes I feel like superwoman and I do them all…pretty well. Other times I need a latte, a nap, and to make a REALLY long list of things to do to keep my thoughts organized. This blog is all about that. All about the best things about being a mother and wife, and the flip side: all the trials and tribulations. With a few of my favorite things sprinkled in along the way to help make your life easier and more beautiful.

I’ll be honest with you a the expense of sounding like a dork, because that’s real life. And I hope that this will become a place for real people to come together, read and chat about real problems and successes, and find real rewards.



IG: Littles.Lattes