Easter Egg Hunt at Dallas Arboretum

Yesterday, we were able to celebrate Easter at the Dallas Arboretum with quite a bit of our family. We were a bit late for the festivities (I had to teach Barre in the morning) but we still had a great time walking around looking at all the flowers and taking pictures! Growing up my family did, what I think is, the normal American Easter. We woke up, searched for our Easter baskets (left somewhere by the Easter bunny the night before), opened them – we were spoiled lots of toys and candies and gifts – went to church, and then brunch. We KNEW that the day was celebrating Jesus’ death, rising, and forgiving of our sins, but as kids – it wasn’t really the point. the point was…GIFTS.


My husbands family on the other hand is much more religious than mine. They didn’t do Santa or the Easter bunny as they felt it distracted from the true message (can’t say I disagree). So with our kids making their way in the world, my husband and I had to balance the beliefs of our families, ourselves, and carve a path for our kids. The balance that we found was:

I get Santa. He’s marvelous. I’m not giving him up. Bring on the Christmas cheer. BUT we go to Christmas Eve Service, and Christmas Day my husband does the story of Jesus and we place him in the manger in the nativity scene. Win Win.

He gets Easter. We got her a basket to do an Easter Egg hunt, but we didn’t do pics with the Easter bunny or buy a bunch of presents. We are going to church and brunch with his family this morning. Kensington will hear the message loud and clear. I did however take a TON of pictures yesterday. Still got to memorialize everything.



I’ve found that our marriage is very much based on compromise. Everyone has their own traditions and preferences, but we really wanted our kids to feel like we were aligned in the things we did. That meant…you guessed it. We had to align. So we both gave a little, we both got a little, and ultimately I think we’re both really happy where we ended up. And where we ended up was at the Dallas Arboretum taking a gajillion pictures of our baby girl. Lucky Us.




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My name is Kendall Berg, I am 25 years old and I am married to an incredible man named David. We currently live in Dallas, Texas with our 10 mo baby girl, 2 large dogs & 1 trouble-making Cat. ​ I have always loved fashion, fitness, and all the pretty hair and makeup styles I find on Pinterest so that is what this blog is all about! I share with you guys my personal style, my family's lifestyle, beauty tips, and my personal fitness tips as well! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!!

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