Friday 5

It’s that time of the week again. People always say time flies by faster when you have kids, and seriously it totally does. Between work, Barre, playing with Kensington, prepping for Everett, I feel like time is flying by at a million miles an hour. David and I were talking last night that we have basically EVERY weekend until Baby E arrives booked solid. So it’ll be here before you know it (but not before I know it because being pregnant even one more day feels like 1000 years). In honor of kicking off this Easter weekend, I’ll give you my 5 things about me. Randomness required.

  1. I have an obsession with change. We moved a lot while I was growing up, and while I hated it back then, now I have this constant need for change. Whether it’s renovating the house, dying my hair, changing jobs, whatever, I get SUPER stir crazy each spring. And nesting makes it WAY worse. Hence why this week I dyed my hair red, booked contractors to renovate our bathrooms, and looked into buying a new car. #cray
  2. I am an autodidact. Basically this means I can self teach. When I was in college I NEVER attended class. I just read the textbooks and showed up for midterms/finals. Pretty sure most of my teachers hated me. I even missed the last final of my college career because they changed the time and I hadn’t been attending class so I didn’t know. My teacher was nice enough to still let me take it and graduate, but those nightmares people have about missing the final? I don’t have those. I lived it.
  3. I have a dream of moving to North Carolina. I’ll probably never do it, but for some reason it lives in my mind as this wonderful place to raise a family with mountains and beaches and beautiful seasons. I’ve never even been there, but its one of those places I’ve built up in my mind as perfect. My husband is a Texan (and more specifically a Dallasite) through and through. But a girl can dream.
  4. I was terminally late BEFORE having a baby. Since having a child? I’m always early. LOL. Probably the only person ever to have switched in that direction.
  5. I bullet journal obsessively. I really like lists (I would argue that I probably have minor anxiety and that being organized keeps it at bay but who knows) and tracking my progress, to-dos, and appointments but for some reason a pre-made calendar never works for me. So each week I make my own spread, I track my stuff, and I get a little piece of mind from the fact that I know its all in one place. I have monthly, fitness, meal, habit, weekly, and baby trackers galore (please tell me you sang that to the tune of thingamajigs from little Mermaid) not to mention a separate journal for Church & a big monthly calendar for my blog. Yeah – you could say I’m OCD.

That’s my 5 facts for this week. Feel free to share yours below or on IG and tag them #Friday5.



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My name is Kendall Berg, I am 25 years old and I am married to an incredible man named David. We currently live in Dallas, Texas with our 10 mo baby girl, 2 large dogs & 1 trouble-making Cat. ​ I have always loved fashion, fitness, and all the pretty hair and makeup styles I find on Pinterest so that is what this blog is all about! I share with you guys my personal style, my family's lifestyle, beauty tips, and my personal fitness tips as well! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!!

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