What I pack in my hospital bag

Last time I was pregnant (you know…last summer LOL) I was SO panicked over what I should pack in my hospital bag! I had never had a baby before, I didn’t know what I would need vs. what they would provide, and I DEFINITELY didn’t want to end up stuck there without things I needed. I ended up reading a MILLION blog and Pinterest posts and TOTALLY overpacking. For round 2 with Everett I made a condensed packing list of just the essentials. Hopefully any of you first time moms out there find this helpful.


  • Take Home outfit for baby – bet you didn’t need to be told this one. The BEST advice I got last round was this: If you’re having a girl keep in mind that they have to go into a carseat. Getting a super layer-y poofy dress might SEEM like a cute idea but then you still have to strap them in. Make it easier on you and dad and make sure whatever your baby comes home in has 2 holes for legs. Or don’t – and be a strong independent mama who does whatever she wants. No shame. Do you.
  • Hat/Socks for baby while in the hospital. My hospital provides hats & pacifiers but I like having my own hat for baby. Personal thing. but mittens/socks are always nice to have since the hospital gets so dang cold. We don’t bring a binky though because the hospital ones are amazing. We introduce the wubbanub when we get home.
  • Boppy – so this is optional. If you think having a feeding pillow will help you get in the right position bring it. For me it was more of a hinderance than a help BUT every mom is different. It might be nice to have with you JIC (especially those of you who might be trying to breastfeed for the first time).
  • Pajamas for YOU! Girl you are gonna be laid up in bed for DAYS. Be comfy. Hire a makeup and hair team if you feel the need, wear couture and loubotins when family swings by, but girlfriend at night – ain’t nobody watching. Get some comfy PJs and sleep while you can. Or wear them all DAY & NIGHT like I did. Whatevs.
  • Cute Robe. Not a necessity. They will give you a SUPER cute and soft (NOT) robe you can wear while you stay there. I ended up taking a pretty silky one last time for AFTER delivery and ended up really liking it. Made me feel put together when people would pop by throughout the day but made breastfeeding and dressing down quick and easy.
  • Flip Flops – for the shower. for the halls. for the walks I like to take around the parking lot after delivery. whatevs.
  • Socks – MAN are those hospitals cold. Bring socks. Maybe 3 pair. You know…to layer. it’s cold. I don’t love the cold so I’m a big fan of socks. OH and extra blankets. Like I said. Cold.
  • Phone Charger – pack one now. if you’re like me and have #pregnancybrain buy one. Pack it. Forget it exists until you need it in the hospital. You’re gonna have questions, wanna send pics to family & friends, and need a full battery.
  • Nursing bra – I ended up not really wearing a bra until it was time to go home because baby was in and out so often, but nursing bras are more comfy anyways so bring one and use it when you want.
  • Nipple cream – maybe you’ll be blessed and latching/breastfeeding will be a painless easy breeze from the start. OR NOT. Bring nipple cream either way. Protect those babies from the start.
  • Toiletries/Makeup – You know. Stuff to get clean. And look pretty. I brought a straightener, my makeup bag, Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant. Don’t bother with a full caddy. You may take 1 (max 2) showers while you’re there. It’ll be fine.
  • Dad’s stuff – few changes of clothes, toiletries, another phone charger. He can leave if he wants to. You can’t.


That’s my list. Keep in mind – my hospital provides: Blankets, hats, bath stuff, formula (just in case), breast pumps, and pacifiers for baby. Not to mention gauze undies, pads, freeze-pain-spray-stuff, hemorrhoid cream, and stuff for mom. So check with your hospital. If they don’t provide these things, bring them.

Hopefully this helps some of you guys out there. I’ve linked all my stuff below (including the beautiful robe & super cute breastfeeding PJs/gown I got for this stay.



P.s. Here’s a copy of my #Bujo tracker for this bag. I made one last yer for Kenzie too.


LINKS: RobeNursing DressNursing BraNipple CreamTake Home Outfit

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