Littles and Lattes is Live!

It’s official y’all! I have decided to rebrand my Instagram/Blog now that it has expanded beyond just the “barre mama” platform (and continuous selfies of me at the Barre Code) to more of a lifestyle blog. I went through TONS of names, ideas, looks/feels, and concepts before settling on “Littles & Lattes”.

As I scrolled through my instagram feed jotting down notes of the themes/post topics I realized two things:

  1. Becoming a mom has changed many of my posts, captions, and topics to be about Kensington. This probably shouldn’t have surprised me, but it was an even greater change than I had been expecting. It’s pretty rare for me now to do a caption at all that doesn’t reference her and David.
  2. I don’t really drink alcohol very often (exacerbated by my inability to be not-pregnant for more than a few weeks in a row lol) but I DO pretty much live off caffeine. Either via a Caramel Macchiato (my Fave), a Green tea/Matcha Latte, or a Chai Latte. My doctor even told me this pregnancy to drink MORE caffeine as it can prevent headaches without requiring medication (and I get TERRIBLE pregnancy headaches).

That brings us round (right round baby) to my new name. With Everett joining us here in just a few short weeks, Littles & Lattes really seemed to fit the bill.

As I thought about how to present the new name to everyone (sitting on my couch in my PJs drinking…you guessed it…coffee) I looked up and laughed out loud. My huge Coffee & Tea bar – which had been my FIRST priority when we moved into this house last March – was staring back at me. I’ve showcased it again below because I am SO PROUD of David. He built the entire bar and shelves himself! All I did was provide rough instructions and he made it a reality! I love that it brought a little bit of masculinity to our otherwise feminine kitchen nook. Not to mention, it helped me save A LOT of money on Starbucks purchases (at one point last year I was spending close to $400 a month! Pretty ridiculous Is know).

I hope you guys like it! I’m so excited for this new chapter and the topics/post ideas I have brainstormed. With my Maternity leave coming up, it felt like a good time to really dedicate some more time/money/effort to getting this blog to become a well oiled machine. Let me know if you have any requests and #Littlesandlattes so I can see your posts!



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My name is Kendall Berg, I am 25 years old and I am married to an incredible man named David. We currently live in Dallas, Texas with our 10 mo baby girl, 2 large dogs & 1 trouble-making Cat. ​ I have always loved fashion, fitness, and all the pretty hair and makeup styles I find on Pinterest so that is what this blog is all about! I share with you guys my personal style, my family's lifestyle, beauty tips, and my personal fitness tips as well! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!!

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