These are a Few of my Favorite Things

With Kensington turning 1 week old last night (crazy that already a week has passed and impossible to remember what my life was like before I saw her smirks and smiles all day) I thought I would post a few of Dave & I’s favorite things from week one. This is a non-sponsored post! We truly thought each and every one of these items helped us adjust to parenthood and Kenzie adjust to life outside the womb. Hopefully they will help some of you out there with your new little ones!

  1. Uppababy Vista Stroller: Anyone who follows my fitness IG account (Barre.Mama) knows I tried to stay super active through my whole pregnancy – taking my last Barre-Dio Dance Cardio class 2 days before my delivery. With a 6 week recovery time before I am cleared for the gym by my doctor, taking daily walks with my sweetheart is of critical importance. This stroller is awesome! It has large easy to maneuver wheels that let us go pretty much anywhere, it isn’t heavy, and it has an expansion pack for up to 2 seats + a skateboard (trying to think ahead here). I bought mine from Nordstroms (link HERE) and absolutely love the bassinet while we aren’t out and about often. It also has a car seat & toddler seat upgrade.


2. Boppy: No surprise here. If you read my post on breastfeeding, you know that Kensington can’t latch – she keeps pushing her tongue up. The boppy was great when we are still trying to figure it out but it’s also great for just normal feedings/holding her/play time/dad time. We’ve used it often. Its big enough to go all the way around my waist and is so soft


3. Dock-A-Tot: WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. Another blogger I follow had posted that she used it with her little ones and even though it has a pretty high price point ($180) I figured better safe than sorry in case we were struggling to get her to sleep. And oh.em.gee. is it wonderful. She sleeps better in it than in the crib alone and it keeps her on her back and from moving around. It’s also great for the rare occasions where she naps during the day and I want her next to me on the couch or bed so I can keep an eye on her but I want my hands free to do things like…write this post (yes she’s in her dock-a-tot right now).


4. Halo Sleep Sacks: A friend of mine told me to buy some (I bought one). When we got her home and tried to swaddle her for the first time I quickly realized that a moving baby is MUCH more difficult to swaddle than the doll was in the baby 101 class. I sent David to the store the day after we got home to buy 5 more LOL. They make swaddling easy and she sleeps so well all wrapped up!!


5. Burts Bees Burp Cloths: We bought a bunch of different burp cloths but I love the burts bees ones. They are super soft and not scratchy (for when you have to mop up their little chins) and they are thin enough to slide under the chin while feeding without much fuss.


6. Madela Breast Pump: Since I have to pump and bottle feed this has been a lifesaver. Its lightweight and works great. I got mine for free through insurance HERE.

7. Earth Mama Nipple Butter: Even without her latching my nipples get sore and a little dry. This stuff is all natural and makes it possible for me to keep going.


8. Skip Hop Owl: I think everyone has heard at this point that white noise is the best way to keep baby sleeping. Too much quiet and the get restless, not enough light they get nervous. We made the mistake night one: dark room + no noise = Baby screaming. After that we decided to turn on the owl my sister-in-law got us and it’s the cat’s pajamas! KB likes the nature sounds (David & I do as well) but there are a ton of different options based on baby’s preference and it lights up the ceiling with a moon and stars for just enough light. It’s great!


9. Peanut changer: If you have a regular changing pad you need to trade up! This changing pad is made of a silicone material so when baby has an accident you just wipe it clean. It sticks to the dresser so I don’t have to worry about her sliding off and it comes in a ton of colors. Everyone warned us that little boys will try to pee on you while you change them but no one warned us that little girls will too! If we had a cloth changing pad we would have had to strip and clean it once a day! But with the peanut it’s a wipe down and no fuss. I bought mine from giggle HERE.


10. Skip Hop Multi-Level Bouncer: Without this I would not have eaten this week LOL. Kensington is great in that she is awake all day and sleeps all night. The problem is that this means my hands are full most of the day and I can’t even put a fork to my lips. This bouncer can be all the way on the floor or up high enough to double as a high chair. It’s wonderful!! I have it seated at my table so I can strap her in to bounce while I scarf down a salad or a poptart. She loves it and I get 10 min to eat. Win Win.


I could go on about some of the other wonderful products we’ve used so far but these are the 10 that have been the most helpful so far.



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My name is Kendall Berg, I am 25 years old and I am married to an incredible man named David. We currently live in Dallas, Texas with our 10 mo baby girl, 2 large dogs & 1 trouble-making Cat. ​ I have always loved fashion, fitness, and all the pretty hair and makeup styles I find on Pinterest so that is what this blog is all about! I share with you guys my personal style, my family's lifestyle, beauty tips, and my personal fitness tips as well! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!!

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