Labor, Delivery, Breast Feeding, and the Hospital Stay



Hello Prospective Moms, Mom Pros, and Curious Readers,

Kensington is THREE days old today and I wanted to make sure to write down my thoughts before hindsight makes them foggy. So I want to walk you guys through the last four days (including my 21 hours of labor/delivery) in the hopes that it helps someone.


We went into the hospital Thursday night to start “Relaxing” before beginning Pitocin Friday morning. My contractions were about 3-5 min apart and I was 1cm dilated. Unfortunately, I stayed like that for about 10 hours. The good news is that once I got the Pitocin, I was only in labor for 12 hours, and only 8 of them were “active labor” (dilated more than 4 cm & water broken). My actual time pushing? <1 hour!!! I fully give credit to my ongoing exercise and core work for that quick bit of work.


I will say the nurse made all the difference! My night nurse who was with me for my delivery was awesome!!! It only took her 2 hours to get me from 5 cm to baby delivered!!!! Not knocking my day nurse (okay…maybe a little) but Megan who delivered my baby was a ROCKSTAR!!!!

So what everyone really wants to know “did it hurt”? Yes. You’re having a baby…it hurts. But here is what I will say: I’ve had painful periods my whole life and IMO my contractions just felt like that. What was really painful for me was the cervix dilation checks (where they reach in and measure…yeah. Not fun) and the epidural. I cried when they administered it. A lot. I also might have sung. Actually compulsively sung random notes loudly to keep from jumping off the table and running. But once it was over – the rest was smooth sailing.

*For the moms out there planning to go without an epidural – you are super woman. But not gonna lie I’ll take the lower body numbness personally.

I did get an episiotomy (Doc said I had an “athletic band” of muscle from all my pelvic floor exercises that needed to be cut) but I couldn’t feel it AT ALL. Attribute that to my phenomenal doctor (Katie Kilmer if anyone is looking in the Dallas area).

Mini Shout-out Time: My incredible husband David!! He saw WAY more than either of us intended him to, but he took it in stride and was my support the whole time!! He held my hands during the epidural, fed my ice chips & handed me my oxygen mask during delivery (Kensington’s heart rate kept dropping so I needed it), and never stopped rubbing my shoulder and staying strong for both of us. I couldn’t imagine a better life partner!

To wrap up my play-by-play: I’ll definitely be having more babies (lucky for Dave) and hopefully with the same crew of amazing professionals!!! For moms-to-be: Don’t freak out. You’ll be fine. It doesn’t hurt that bad, BUT make sure you have an awesome doctor you can trust!

Breastfeeding/Hospital Stay:

Why group them together you ask? Because hospitals are overly stressful, micro-managing, breastfeeding obsessed cults that don’t work for everyone (or at least don’t work for me). So baby KB can’t/won’t latch. It’s not for lack of trying or poor form on either of our parts, baby girl just likes putting her tongue on the roof of her mouth and won’t open for me (she even struggles with a bottle). Of course this caused wide spread panic in the hospital and while my incredible pediatrician (Julie Hodge) & I were aligned in getting her fed on formula while I pumped and got my milk production going, I had lactation consultants and nursery nurses grabbing me, trying to force it, and stressing us all out.


My pediatrician even brought this egg to the hospital for Kenzie on Easter.

Caveat – some of my nursery nurses were AMAZING and made me feel so much better about the situation but some…not so much.

Another thing I didn’t love about the hospital: the 3 hour rule. So every 3 hours (minimum) baby and mom are woken up and thrown together. Mom is woken up even more for tests, medications, questions, forms, etc. At least for Baby KB and I – this didn’t work. Since we’ve been home we’ve found that just about every 4 hours she wakes up on her own and we can both comfortably interact. She’s hungry, I’ve slept a little, and were both ready to do what we need to do.

Now that all my complaints are out there (lol), our hospital was very nice, clean, staff was friendly and very helpful. I also understand the push on breastfeeding and mom/baby time being frequent, I just wish there was a “Mommy preferences” survey we could take to make it more our style. We would definitely go back for our next couple kids.


Also – an update today is that I’m pumping fine and 80% of Kenzie’s food comes from me and she’s doing great J It definitely took some persistence on my part to get to this point but I’m happy I stuck with it to get her what she needs!



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