Life Stages

So I don’t know if you guys know this but I did a fitness competition a few years ago. I was really into health and fitness, and I had a few friends who competed and were fitness models, and I got so wrapped up in it all that I went zero to a hundred on the fitness front.

It was a wonderful learning experience and I grew so much mentally, emotionally, physically. I really learned about self control and emotional peaks & valleys (lol) and pushed myself further than I thought possible.


I was so proud of myself and David was incredibly supportive and amazing. but I do have to speak to the negative part of this phase of my life. While I was in great shape, and working really hard, I fell into a very common trap for women – sex appeal. I thought that if I took risque pictures like my friends I would get more followers, more friends, more business opportunities & sponsorships, etc. I thought the best way to ‘make it big’ in the fitness industry was to take ‘sexy’ pictures like the other girls I knew in lingerie, or revealing swimsuits.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I realized so many people had seen those pictures on social media that I would never have wanted to. And that now these pictures came up when you searched my name or looked through my pictures. I wanted them gone.

So I furiously removed, and untagged, and took down every scantily clad picture of me except my ACTUAL competition picture (above), but the knowledge that these pictures exist out there was enough to make me cringe.

Ultimately while this time in my life was incredibly challenging and rewarding, proving to myself that I could be fit and healthy, it also cast a dark cloud over me making me self-conscious about the pictures I had once been so proud of. I bring this up only to speak to a few things:

1. If you ever see these pictures of me – yes I took them and at the time thought it was a great idea
2. If you have recently gotten healthy or lost weight or maybe are just beginning I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Hopefully the workouts and recipes on this blog are helpful for you. But a word of CAUTION – a tank top and shorts are just as sexy as lingerie and won’t make you feel guilty later. It is better to be more conservative than risque when creating your “brand”.
3. Everyone goes through different phases of their lives. Some are better than others, but as you journey it is SO important to be honest with yourself and your loved ones. With their support and your own self understanding you can do anything!



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My name is Kendall Berg, I am 25 years old and I am married to an incredible man named David. We currently live in Dallas, Texas with our 10 mo baby girl, 2 large dogs & 1 trouble-making Cat. ​ I have always loved fashion, fitness, and all the pretty hair and makeup styles I find on Pinterest so that is what this blog is all about! I share with you guys my personal style, my family's lifestyle, beauty tips, and my personal fitness tips as well! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!!

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